Educational Consulting Service for High School Students
Parker College Planning assists students and their families with college preparation and admissions through a process that includes student self-analysis, college readiness, and college match. The series of steps in the formula, The Twelve Steps to Success, have proven effective in finding the right match for students to fulfill their college dreams. We work with students to help them find the college that fits the person they are today and the person they want to become in the future.
The high school years are usually very busy times for high school students and their parents.  Parker College Planning works one-on-one with students from freshman year through senior year to take the confusion out of the process of college admissions and help keep them on track through a purposeful high school experience.  Utilizing individual counseling, distance counseling and dynamic workshops designed to explore critical areas of the admissions process, we help students succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Now more than ever, planning is critical to the success of the college 
bound student.  
Let us reduce your stress by providing intelligent guidance, organizational tools and expert knowledge to empower your student to succeed.

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